Feb 12

Aperture, Shutter speed and Depth of Field

Here, we introduce and explore the some of the basic technical terms related to photography.


Each shutter is equipped with another device to control light striking your sensor during exposure. This device is a diaphragm with an adjustable opening called aperture. The diaphragm is constructed of overlapping leaves that open and close like a leaf shutter.  Like the shutter, the diaphragm adjusts light in a twice/half relationship in a series of standard numbers called f numbers. Each f –number has a half/twice relationship with the numbers on either side of it, as with the shutter speeds. The formula for this is,

May 15

Digital Camera Troubleshooting And Tips

Photography is indeed an art and there are many advanced gadgets in the market today which can help you take some really impressive photographs in a jiff. Today’s digital camera comes with innumerable features and while these features are very helpful, some may find it hard to get used to them. Well, you don’t have to worry about that any more as in this article you will receive some great tips and some effective solutions to your problems related to digital cameras….

May 07

Basic Terminology Of A Digital Camera

A digital camera is perhaps one of the most popular gadgets in the world. This is why there are a number of advance Digital camera models available in the market. However, when most of the people just tend to focus on learning about the photography techniques there is one more thing about which you must know and that is the image file extensions used in digital cameras. This is because different types of image file formats tend to have different qualities. If the image is of more compressed extension then its quality will be low. However, compressed images take less space of storage.

Apr 21

Tips Regarding The Batteries Of Digital Cameras

A professional photographer always takes good care of the batteries of his digital camera as he knows how important it is to keep the batteries charged when he is planning to take his camera out. This is because no one would prefer to have his camera’s battery discharged at a time when there is something important to be clicked. Here, in this article you will get some useful tips regarding the batteries of a digital camera.

Apr 14

Buying A New Digital Camera

Are you planning to purchase a new digital camera? Well, that is a great idea as there are a number of different digital camera models in the market today and they are all laced with some of the latest technologies. However, before you actually get into a gadget showroom and start making some choices there are a few things which you must know. If you will learn about all these things then you will be able to make a better decision at the time of purchase.

Feb 28

Uses for Your Digital Camera

While digital cameras are, of course, mainly used for taking pictures, with a little ingenuity and creativity, you will find that there are actually several clever uses for your digital camera, apart from taking pictures.

A Mirror: Have you ever been some place where you are trying to put yourself together – the back of a cab or a train, for example, yet you don’t have a mirror handy? Well, if you have your digital camera handy, you can actually use it to get a look at yourself. Keep the camera off and look at your reflection in the black LCD screen, or take a picture of yourself and review it to get an idea of what you look like.

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